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ST3PP believes that Tools, People and Process are all required for developing better software. That these elements are not isolated silo’s, but are and integrated ecosystem. For this reason, ST3PP is an independent reseller of tools to improve the performance of your team, and to support your organizations process.

Our focus is on testing and selecting an end to end suite of tools we believe of most value to our customers. For each tool we select, we first develop the applicable in-house skills and services to argument the tools. Services to enable your organization to gain the maximum value from the tool. This includes creating tutorial’s to rapidly on-board new staff, doing in house training, consulting, deploying, integrating and supporting the tools into our customers environment.

We would like to work with you on your requirements and tool needs. Finding the right tools to support your business and team. We always happy to share our experience and knowledge on these tools, and assist with evaluating the fit.

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