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Provides virtual API run-times of simulated services, without the need for supporting infrastructure


CloudPort enables the capture (and replay) of existing Web Services responses or the rapid creation of simulated responses for a given request from a client application. These response are Virtual or Simulated responses and require no additional software licenses or supporting infrastructure. CloudPort virtual run-time can then replace one or more missing, yet to be developed, unavailable or problematic services. These run-times can be placed anywhere in the network or on even on the developers local machine. Support for load testing, allows for the simulation of cloud services, network testing and performance troubleshooting.

The free Run-Time player comes with 3 built-in services. Echo Service (Echo’s the service requests back to the client as a response), Static Response Service (Responds to all service requests with a static document) and a Fault Service (Responds to all service requests with a selected document and error code 500). It can also play any runtime’s created by the licensed version, allowing created run-times to  be shared internally or externally at no additional costs.

The licensed version includes a traffic capture and response creation tools to create additional virtual run-times used by the free run-time player. Policy rules can be defined for a given request, to supply the desired response. Through workflow, services can be “chained”, to simulate a real world scenario, linking virtual services with actual. Once created, these run-times can be played on the free run-time player without license

CloudPort is a Crosscheck Networks Product. Our Blog has both Tutorials on how to use CloudPort and Best Practices

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