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An automated Web Services API testing tool that utilizes the same test cases for functional and performance testing.


SOAPSonar is focussed on reducing the time and complexity required to develop and maintain test cases. Testing each individual service independently of the client application, while still chaining the test workflow for automation. The creation and execution of these test cases requires no programming, scripting skills or script maintenance. The ability to define a number of variable types, automation data sources, success criteria and baselines ensures comprehensive coverage. The same test cases can be used for Functional, Regression and Performance testing, further reducing test development time. This reduced complexity, increases the time available for testing, increases coverage and allows for earlier identification of issues.

SOAPSonar Personal Edition is Free software for basic unit testing for functionality of http web services, popular with developers.

SOAPSonar Professional Edition adds additional automation data sources and test flow management, including baseline and regression testing. This includes additional project management features like team sharing. It also includes additional identity and security testing features.

SOAPSonar Enterprise Edition adds additional protocols like IBM MQ, Tibco EMs, Weblogics JMS, Active MQ and FTP. It also includes Performance loading features like virtual users and Distributed Load Agents.

SOAPSonar is a Crosscheck Networks Product. The blog contains a variety of posts of both Tutorials and Best Practices for users.

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