TASSQ Presentation

I want to thank everyone for their participation and input in last nights TASSQ presentation. Although its was a very simplified scenario, using a LOT of Averages, and the fixing of the 20,000 test cases required limited options, the limitations were set to demonstrate the impact of change more clearly. If we had more time, we could have looked into changing coverage ratio’s and changing the number of test cases required per Release or test iteration. I encourage everyone to do just this, using the own projects, to see what personal insight it will provide.

I have put the slides and spread sheet used for My TASSQ presentation on Google Docs for view or download.

Much of what was presented is in more detail on this blog, which you can subscribe to receive a monthly newsletter of updates. I also encourage all to make comments and share thoughts. Only a screen name is displayed.

Thank you again, and I hope you found it as interesting as I did.